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This can be expressed in the occurrence of acute or chronic diseases and conditions, the addition of various infections, disruption of the activity of individual organs and systems, as well as the organism as a whole, or in deviations in the mental and emotional state and the ability to adequately adapt to the world around us. It is rather difficult to answer in a few words the question: "What is health?" It's a shaky balance that is very easy to break and very difficult to restore.

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Health is the main value of life, it occupies the highest level in the hierarchy of human needs. Health is one of the most important components of human happiness and one of the leading conditions for successful social and economic development. Realization of intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and reproductive potential is possible only in a healthy society.

The very concept of "health" in English sounds like Health from Whole (Anglo-Saxon) - whole, holistic, which already presupposes the complexity, integrity and multidimensionality of this state.

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Back in the early 40s of the XX century, the concept of “health” was given the following definition: “A person who is distinguished by harmonious development and is well adapted to the physical and social environment surrounding him can be considered healthy. Health does not simply mean the absence of disease: it is something positive, it is a cheerful and willing fulfillment of the responsibilities that life imposes on a person ”(G. Sigerist, p. From: EA Ovcharov, 2002).

According to the experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease and physical defects.

According to leading Russian scientists, this definition is vague. For example, A. G. Shchedrina offers the following formulation: “Health is an integral multidimensional dynamic state (including its positive and negative indicators) that develops. in a specific social and ecological environment and allows a person. to carry out its biological and social functions ”.